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My name is Yarrow, I’m a writer, artist & celebrant living on

the East coast of Scotland.

I host creative spaces & rituals, research radical textile histories and make

beautiful things from reclaimed materials.

I offer a free Substack newsletter & community with monthly Spark sessions, new podcast episodes and reflections on creative practice & life.

Join me if you like!

About me 

Rituals have always been very important to me. I love living a slow life, enjoying the beauty of queer domesticity and indulging in small pleasures like quilting by hand. In the last few years rehabilitation after an accident and the deep solitude of lockdowns have led me to a much more committed movement and creativity practice. I’m not interested in “going back to normal” post-lockdowns and much prefer to dream of new ways of being in the world.

My experience of chronic pain & disability has helped me to develop a deep reverence for creative resilience and meaningful integration. I am curious about how our stories live in our bodies and how these stories can lead to liberation. For me there is something about mending and reclaiming materials that illuminates this strange and beautiful process of re-imagination.

I have an MA in creative media and an open BA combining creative writing, mythology & philosophy. I’ve also completed several bodywork, movement & celebrancy training programs and have studied for a professional certificate in end of life care with the University of Vermont. 

As an artist & writer, I love encountering the divine through improvisation and play and see slow processes as a devotional practice.  In my work as a celebrant, I support folks in creating simple, beautiful and accessible rituals to hold their grief & celebrate life.

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