100 Dreams

In 2024 I will make 100 small pieces of textile art, combining my desires for more play, committed apprenticeship and a deepened understanding of material & technique. 

I felt inspired by the many “one a day” or “one a week” projects I had seen people commit to online but I had to admit to myself that due to my disability and chronic illness, this wouldn’t be realistic for me. Inevitably there would be pauses and missed days and in a way this reflects how fragmented our lives can become when we become sick. To avoid frustration, I wanted to find a number that feels ambitious and round, but also kind and doable – 100. 

Another longing I’ve been feeling in the last few years is for an apprenticeship with elders, a way to inherit ancestral craft skills that sadly have become lost in my own family. An in-person apprenticeship wouldn’t be accessible to me anyway and I also really liked the idea of being an apprentice to my dreams, so my commitment is to write them down, learn from them and make my textile pieces in response to them. 

Along the way I want to play with texture, colour and shape, to use up my stash of recycled materials and to become clearer about my voice as an artist.


If you’d like to hear more about the project you can join me on Substack!

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