I am a queer writer, body worker and textile artist based in Scotland. My work aims to support people in navigating transitions and loss, in grounding into themselves and in finding simple pleasure. Making space for both grief and joy is really important to me. 

My Daydreaming Wolves podcast is a mix of deep dive interviews on healing modalities that feel good and spark resilience and resistance, wild life stories and new ideas as well as reflective solo episodes and how to guides filled with everyday magic.


I’ve been into magic since I was little, even if I haven’t always been able to express it. As a neurodivergent survivor of sexual violence and bullying both embodiment and a sense of enchantment are things I had to reclaim the hard way, piece by piece. I’ve worked through a fair share of chaos, shame and low self-esteem and am I’m here to embrace weirdness and share what works for me. 

I adore slowness and sensuality, dog cuddles, wild swimming, writing zines, being pen pals, candle lit reading, plants, cyclical living and uncensored creativity. 

In my early twenties I pursued several pretty conventional career paths as best as I could because I wanted stability really badly. I ended up being an HR manager at 24 while studying part time and absolutely hated it –  I knew life needed to be radically different, but I was broke and I had no idea how to make it happen.

Later in my twenties I slowly remembered the magic of reconnecting with nature, journaling and asking for guidance I had first come across on my 11th birthday when I chose to go to the bookstore by myself  to buy a book on witchcraft instead of having a birthday party. I’ve been immersing myself in the world of folk herbalism, bodywork, tarot and everyday ritual ever since. 

What makes most sense to me in this world world is to nurture our resistance against oppression from as many angles as possible, to remember our deep interconnectedness as well as the possibility of collective and individual healing. I want us to feel at home in our bodies and in our communities white being culturally respectful and inclusive in our approaches and practices. 

My work celebrates queers, trans folks, working class babes, people of colour, sex workers, people with disabilities and of all ages as well as survivors. You are welcome here and it matters to me that this space is accessible to you.

So much love,


P.S.: I also run a web design and tech agency named Yarrow Digital that supports small businesses in building heartfelt, sustainable online platforms. I specialise in creating custom made WordPress sites and also offer tech support and small business mentoring. As part of this work I also started the DIY Small Business Community because I know in my heart that we can’t do it alone.

Inspiration and qualifications

I value both formal and informal learning and feel that the most inspiring things I’ve discovered have been found in really unusual spaces. I am listing my qualifications here because I want to name and honour my teachers and be transparent about my background.


A heads up: 

I am not on social media anymore because I want to focus on creating indy media like my podcasts, compare myself less and spend little time on my phone. This means I have more energy to nurture my communities and make cool things for you!

If you’d like to stay in touch you can sign up for my newsletter below – you will usually hear from me once or twice a month and you can unsubscribe any time. You will also get access to my mini course on embodied magic and I am sending out the occasional zine with my newsletter. 

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