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I’m Yarrow, a queer craftsperson living a soft & slow life in Scotland.

I help folks find creativity & belonging in nature through ritual, my creative nature podcast, my art art and my group programs.


I adore slowness and reflection, dog cuddles, wild swimming, writing zines, being pen pals, candle lit reading, plants, cyclical living and uncensored creativity. My mobility is limited after an accident, so I’ve become a rooted being with a strong connection to my local landscape, the sky outside my window & my body-home. I’m curious about art making and story telling for liberation and am currently taking part time philosophy and mythology classes with the Open University. In my printmaking and textile art practice I am exploring reclaimed embodiment, the value of limitations, queer myths & ritual.

I’m proudly queer, disabled & neurodivergent, which I believe brings resilience & creativity to my work.

In everything I do I am trying to centre community care and to remember our deep interconnectedness. I’d like to contribute to all of us feeling more at home in our bodies and better able to express ourselves creatively.

My work celebrates queers, trans folks, working class babes, people of colour, sex workers, people with disabilities and of all ages as well as survivors. You are welcome here and it matters to me that this space is accessible to you.

So much love,


P.S.: I also run a web design and business support studio named Pink Well Studio that supports folks in building heartfelt, sustainable livelihoods. I specialise in creating eco friendly WordPress sites and also offer tech support and small business mentoring.

Inspiration and qualifications

I value both formal and informal learning and feel that the most inspiring things I’ve discovered have been found in really unusual spaces. I am listing my qualifications here because I want to name and honour my teachers and be transparent about my background.

  • MA in creative media from the University of Brighton (2014) and a BA combining social science and creative writing from the Open University (2011). I’m currently studying mythology & philosophy with the OU.
  • Celebrancy training with the OBOD
  • Death midwife training at the University of Vermont
  • Movement for trauma training level one with Jane Clapp
  • Healing Sexual Trauma: A Professional Training in Trauma-Informed Care with the Breathe Network
  • Breathwork facilitator training level 1, 2 & 3, 200 hr yoga teacher training with the Sivananda school, well woman yoga therapy training with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and a thai yoga massage training at the Mudita school with Ralf Marzen
  • Tarot and ritual classes with Alexis Cunningfolk, Beth Maiden, Sarah Kerr, Lara Veleda Vesta, Asia Suler & Lindsay Mack, tarot mentoring from Nancy Antenucci


I’m deeply grateful for many other educators who have inspired my work, for example adrienne maree brown, Starhawk, Francis Weller, Joana Macy, Alexis Cunningfolk, Pixie Lighthorse, Julia Cameron, Natalie Goldberg, Jennifer Patterson, Silvia Frederici, Anni Albers and Clarissa Pinkola Estes. I would also like to name that I have benefited greatly from many teachers of colour who generously passed their practices and wisdom on to communities that I am part of. I understand that cultural appropriation is an immense problem in the wellness industry and I am committed to decolonizing my practice and unlearning extractive ways of being in the world.

Scope of practice

I support people in finding ritual practices and creative expressions that support them in making sense of life, in better understanding themselves and in finding a sense of purpose and belonging. Some people experience this work as therapeutic, however I am not a therapist or a medical professional and as such I don’t diagnose or treat people. I’m continuously learning about ways in which I can make the spaces I facilitate more trauma informed and inclusive and I am always open for constructive feedback. I ask that people who join my programs or work with me individually only commit to what feels right to them and what they are ready for and to consult with a medical professional if they are unsure. In my programs you wont encounter gendered language and you’ll always be given different options to customise your experience to what best serves you.

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