I make a small range of handmade prints & textiles in my home studio in Scotland,  which are spells from my heart to yours.

My practice is grounded in improvisation, play and ritual and I work mostly with reclaimed materials.

Want to know more about how and why I make these things?

I’ve worked online for almost my whole adult life – after starting a blog as a teenager I fell into the world of e-commerce start ups and eventually founded my own web design studio. I love how they internet can connect us, but once I hit my thirties my longing to work with my hands started to grow. Long days looking at screens made me want to enjoy the meditative process of carving print blocks, to touch linens and to make things that people would receive in the mail instead of their inboxes.

I also had a sense that I wanted my work to be more sustainable in a tangible way, which is where textile waste and reclaimed materials came in. Watching the documentary The True Cost opened my eyes to how harmful fast fashion is and how our relationship to textiles urgently calls for repair, decolonisation and radical reimagination. There is something about turning materials we already have in excess into something new like a quilt that makes a lot of sense to me. I believe that to survive as a species we’ll have to learn to see beauty in the mess we created and make the practice of reuse into a well loved habit. 

All of this really came together after I slipped on black ice on new year’s eve 2020. The injury I sustained from this accident means that my mobility is limited and I’m now living a much slower and more peaceful life. Being able to enjoy mending by hand, queer domesticity and simple pleasures helped me to adapt to chronic pain and see my role in the world in a new light. I’m no longer here to be a part of the rat race. I am here to take my time and inspire others to do the same by making beautiful things that can remind you of what really matters.


What are Soft Spells for?

Soft Spells are small quilts you can hang on your wall to visualise an intention through art, but they can also be a soft landing place for your tarot rituals and journaling practice. Each of them was made with reclaimed materials, dried plants and loving intention.

The tarot deck used in these images is Divina by Mary Evans.

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