Rituals – Simple & radical practices for enchantment in times of crisis 

Do you wish you had an approachable companion to help you develop meaningful everyday rituals?

Do you want to learn more about how a sense of enchantment can strengthen our political movements and our wellbeing?

Do you want to explore and define a philosophy of your own that will carry you through difficult times?

Then I wrote this book for you.

Where to buy

If you are in the US or the UK ordering from Bookshop.org is the best way to support me & indy book shops!

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You can also order the book in your local book store or buy it in one of these places if you absolutely must: Amazon UK, Barnes and Noble, Amazon US, Amazon Germany and Indigo.

If you’d like to stock my book you’re welcome to get in touch at hello at yarrowdigital.com.

Thank you for your wonderful offering Yarrow! I took myself to our local wilderness and read through the first part of your book and journaled away. A lovely way to celebrate the recent full moon.


I look forward to savouring the other sections  over my morning coffee tomorrow.

I really loved what you had to say and am so grateful that you took the time to say it! Like many I’ve been struggling with these times and how to place myself in them in a soft and meaningful way. Your words have helped me hone in on what I am already doing and inspired me to introduce new rituals for healing, grounding and action.

Great book by Yarrow, thoughtful and insightfully written throughout. Written with a backdrop of a global pandemic, this book is puts forward enchantment in times of crisis. The style of the writing and voice of the author offers an invitation to those new to ritual practices like this, like myself as well as more seasoned practitioners. It allows you reflect, and offers a toolkit for ritual as a radical practice. Beautifully written and deeply considerate, this is life informing book on a politicised spirituality. I got a copy for myself and then got another one for a friend the day it arrived.


I am so grateful that this work exists. Yarrow’s writing is uncommon in this world: political yet soft, practical yet caring. I read the book from cover to cover and enjoyed every page. In a time of great upheaval this book will surely bring comfort and guidance to those that need it and especially to those who wish to deepen their connection with ritual. Enthralling, uplifting, I can’t recommend it enough.


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