My book Rituals – Simple & radical practices for enchantment in times of crisis is out now!

Rituals is an approachable, inclusive guidebook that will help you create meaningful rituals for everything from heartbreak to transitions and creative projects.

It explores how a sense of enchantment can strengthen our movements and offers accessible and simple practices woven together from folk magic, independent celebrancy, expressive art and queerness.

My hope is that Rituals will help you find a politicized spirituality that emerges from your own understanding and offers you comfort and resilience in difficult times. 

Here is my affiliate page with other books I read and loved and below are some other online options for buying Rituals: 

You can also order the book in your local book store or buy it in one of these places if you absolutely must: Amazon UK, Barnes and Noble, Amazon US, Amazon Germany and Indigo.

If you’d like to stock my book you’re welcome to get in touch at hello at I offer a 55% wholesale discount and the books are returnable.

Thank you for your wonderful offering Yarrow! I took myself to our local wilderness and read through the first part of your book and journaled away. A lovely way to celebrate the recent full moon.


I look forward to savouring the other sections  over my morning coffee tomorrow.

I really loved what you had to say and am so grateful that you took the time to say it! Like many I’ve been struggling with these times and how to place myself in them in a soft and meaningful way. Your words have helped me hone in on what I am already doing and inspired me to introduce new rituals for healing, grounding and action.

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