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We’re not here in these human bodies for very long. What if we celebrated our pleasure, connection, joy & grief like there is no tomorrow? What if we accepted, at least a little, the great uncertainty we are living with and stopped taking things for granted?

Life offers more than the heteronormative, capitalist narratives that keep us small. Rituals can help us reimagine kinship, make unique commitments and create space for good grief. 

I love making memories that are true to who we are and I’m excited about the things that become possible when we’re collaborating with the spirits of time, place & ideas.

Things I love to create rituals for 

Commitment ceremonies between friends, partners and lovers

Changes in health and ability

The start of new projects, businesses or artistic expressions

Break ups, losses and grief

Transitions, coming out & new identities

Home, garden & body blessings

What I bring

I love creating warm, creative ceremonies for the big and small milestones in life. My practice is grounded in pleasure, justice & animism and I am an imperfect lover of the earth. I bring presence, care and creative ideas to help you make a beautiful memory.

More about my background & qualifications

I’ve completed my celebrating life celebrancy training with the OBOD in 2018 and am currently completing another course on funeral celebrancy. I also have a BA combining creative writing with mythology & philosophy, an MA in creative media and a professional certificate in end of life care from the University of Vermont. I am currently a student of culture & heritage at the University of the Highlands & Islands.

Presence & grounding is important to me in all my work and I find that past trainings in body work also support my ritual practice. I’ve completed breathwork trainings at level two & three with David Elliot, level one movement for trauma with Jane Clapp, a thai yoga massage course with Ralf Marzen and a training on trauma-informed care with the Breathe Network.

I’ve also taken classes on tarot & ritual with Alexis Cunningfolk, Beth Maiden, Sarah Kerr, Lara Veleda Vesta, Nancy Antenucci & Asia Suler and have deep gratitude for the inspiration Clarissa Pinkola Estès’ work has offered me. 


Time & Space

I can facilitate rituals & ceremony in Scotland and online. It is beautiful to be in a special place together, but it can also be really meaningful (and accessible!) to gather online to celebrate a significant moment. When being by the sea, a river or in the forrest together is not possible, a guided visualisation can help us get there too. I’m willing to travel in some instances and ask that you reach out well in advance if you already have a date in mind.

Good grief

I’m comfortable talking about and holding space for death & loss of all kinds. While loss is always painful, I see good grief as a healing practice that asks us to grow our capacity to love beyond our species, lifetimes and lived experiences. Memorials and rituals can be a beautiful first step of integration and acknowledgment.

Want to work together?

Each ritual or ceremony is unique and it’s therefore best to reach out for an obilgation free quote. As a general guideline I charge GBP 50 per hour for this work – sometimes just having one consultation on Zoom might be all you need to receive support in creating a DIY ceremony for yourself and sometimes, when you prefer in-person support, you might have to budget for one or two prep meetings, travel time & some time for the ceremony itself.

Tarot & ritual

I also offer audio recorded tarot readings with ritual guidance for special occassions. If you’d like some support for commiting to yourself or someone else in a new way, marking a milestone in your life or making some space for your grief you can use this form to request a reading. You’ll receive two audio recordings made for you within ten working days – one with a five card tarot spread and one with a suggested ritual you can do by yourself with what you have around.

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