Creative Community

My creative community is a welcoming space with weekly creative co-working sessions and themed workshops to help you build a consistent, regenerative and loving practice.

Come join us every Sunday to pull cards, journal, knit, draw, paint, carve or simply dream.

How it works

When you join us you’ll get immediate access to a welcoming space on Mighty Networks. Every Sunday at 8pm UK time we meet on Zoom for an hour to check in, do a little grounding, share dreams & then quietly work on our creative projects. You can come as you are, keep your video on or off, share or not share.

This is your time to connect with yourself, your spirituality and your creativity in your own way,

working on whatever you feel like. 

What you get

  • Weekly quiet creative co-working to support you in building a sustainable practice that gives you joy 
  • A warm & welcoming group space on Mighty Networks to share resources, ask questions & chat between sessions
  • At least one themed workshop per season to dive deeper into the topic we’re working with

Join us

I am offering membership in my creative community on a pay what you can basis and invite you to think about what you can afford and how you value the space. The suggested monthly donation is $11 and you can set your own price over on Patreon. 

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