Hey everyone,

I hope you’re safe and okay and that you are supporting the fight against police violence and anti-blackness wherever you are in any way you can.

I’m sending a beautiful conversation about tending to grief in times of crisis with Shauna Janz your way. It was so good to listen back to it just now and I’m just really grateful to be able to share it with you. Here is some of what we talked about:

  • Holding healing space for loss
  • Developing grief literacy and activism
  • Slowing down and becoming still to examine dominant narratives
  • Holding the both/and of these times
  • What it might mean to become embodied

Shauna Janz (she/her) is dedicated to tending belonging in our world – within ourselves, with each other, and with our other-than-human relations. She creates space for reaching into the rough and beautiful places that are a catalyst for transformation and healing, personally and collectively, through grief work, embodiment, ritual and ancestral healing.

Shauna has been serving individuals, families, communities and organizations since 2008, and recently launched an online school of Sacred Grief. Her offerings are trauma-informed, somatic-based and anchored in the resiliency of the human spirit, healing justice and animist values. She resides in Victoria, BC, on the west coast of Canada – traditional lands of the Coast Salish people. She is a lover of inspiration and creativity, and can be found dancing, playing music, and walking in the wilds of nature and mystical communion. Her ancestors are from the lands of Scot Celtic, northern Germanic and Nordic cultures.


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