For Patrons

To me Patreon is a beautiful way to offer financially accessible, community based and gently supportive programs, podcasts and zines while also receiving some more reliable income in my business. I deeply appreciate every single Patron, no matter the pledge, and could not do what I do without this support.

Below is an overview of what I am currently offering in return for your pledge – take a look at let me know if you have any questions or if there is anything else you’d like me to make.

A six week cocoon exploring grief & transformation through breathwork, writing and ritual. Starts live on May 23rd, learn more here.

A charmed year long exploration of ritual, tarot, writing, movement and self-massage that you can work through in your own time. Learn more here.

Every full moon (unless a live program like Unravel is running) I’ll post a check in and journaling prompt on Patreon, inviting you to pause, reflect and share if you like.

I write about embodiment, ritual, relationships, trauma, being in nature and loss. You can learn more about my zines here

As a Patron you’ll receive 10% off personal support from me!

I offer live classes and workshops several times a year and recordings are always available. You’ll get replays from tarot and zine making classes right away. 

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