Healing Textiles

I love the tactile nature, warmth and intimacy of textiles and create pieces that are meant to bring comfort and remembrance to those who wear or live with them. The magic of plants, Scottish landscapes, the resilience of queer bodies and intimacy in all its shapes and forms are my main inspiration.

I am interested in working with reclaimed, recycled, eco friendly and reimagined materials and am continuously trying to lower the impact of my practice. Below are a few pieces I have made so far, I am hoping to create my first collection of healing textiles in 2020.

In the meantime you’re welcome to get in touch about commissioning a patch, embroidery hoop or weaving to celebrate an intention or a milestone in your life below or to sign up for my newsletter to hear about my collection when it’s ready.

“The act of sewing is a process of emotional repair”

– Louise Bourgeois

Get in touch to inquire about commissioning a piece!

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You can sign up for my newsletter to hear about upcoming work below.

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