Hey friends,

how has this new moon eclipse magic weekend been treating you?

I’m bringing a conversation with my friend Jade Mars your way – you might remember that they’ve been on episode #10 and so it’s been really cool to catch up and see what has changed in our thoughts and ideas over the years. Here is some of what we talked about:

  • Zine writing, DIY publishing & sharing our voices
  • Valuing all kinds of intimacy beyond heteronormative norms
  • Care, affections & closeness with the non-human world
  • The beauty of neurodivergent perspectives

Enjoy <3

Jade Mars is a writer, zinester, poet and witch based in Brighton, UK. They are the author of the Scorpio Moon perzine series, editor of Aspects of Uranus: a queer astrology zine, and co-author of the Queering Intimacy workbook zine. Jade is the author of three collections of ecopoetry, and their writing has been published in Zarf #13, A Queer Anthology of Wilderness (Pilot Press, 2020), and Fermenting Feminism (Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology, 2017), amongst others. Jade is an experienced workshop facilitator and speaker, and has worked with community groups, universities, and queer & feminist projects throughout the UK.

Jade’s writing explores the magic and ritual of the everyday; the complexities of gender and sexuality; intimacies with the natural world; grief, loss, and growing older; building community in a world of capitalist alienation; and autistic experience in a neurotypical society. They are inspired by science fiction and utopianism, anarcha-feminist thought and praxis, DIY cultures, druidry, folklore and the liminal. Jade co-runs Brighton Feminist Science Fiction Bookclub and is a member of Brighton Zinesters.



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