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This episode feels like it was really touched by the beautiful full moon I saw rising over the Scottish sea yesterday! I was chatting to my friend Rowan Walker earlier today, who was also on episode #126 recorded back in 2021. We caught up on creative practice, building intimacy with the tarot and overcoming road blocks and perfectionism. It was a total delight and I hope you’ll enjoy listening too!

i’m rowan. i’m an agender white settler of Irish, Lithuanian, Scottish and Sicilian trancestry born on Turtle Island/North America. i’m the creatrix behind of hawthorn and yew, a sacred cauldron of plant kin relationship, ritual, and education. i facilitate community spaces for queer and trans folks for healing re-connection and collaborative learning. through the pathways of ritual + relationship, i seek to spiral ever closer to holy embodied aliveness, and to help others do the same.


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