Mending Together is a six week group program running from Sunday 14th of November to Sunday 26th of December 2021.

It invites you to make creative embroidery as a soothing ritual, to reflect on the cycle that’s coming to an end with like minded people and to make some space for gentle grief tending.

 $135, payment plans and discount available.

How it works

The pre-recorded part of the program will give you detailed guidance on coming up with a doable embroidery project that reflects something of meaning to you. The five weekly live sessions will then offer you gentle group accountability to make sure you’re making time for your creative practice even when life feels overwhelming. These sessions will be cozy, comforting & low energy as a sweet way to end the week.

The ideas I am presenting wont require previous experience of expensive materials. You’ll need an embroidery needle, some floss and a hoop (all of which is usually available for less than $5), but beyond that there will be an emphasis on working with recycled, leftover or repurposed material that you possibly already have.

What you get

  • Three pre-recorded modules containing audio and video material as well as curated resources to help you develop your own creative embroidery project (no experiences nessecary)
  • Five live group sessions on Sundays at 7pm UK time in which I’ll guide a short opening meditation and then demonstrate some embroidery ideas on camera. Afterwards we will then chat about any questions or ideas you might have and practice together.
  • Loving support, creative encouragement & permission to make imperfect things

Why I am offering this

I’ve been wanting to have more creativity in my life for as long as I can remember, but have often felt uncertainty and imposter syndrome. In 2018 I made a dream come true and enrolled in a distance art school, only to drop out a few month later.

Here is what I learned:

We all deserve time & space to be creative.

Imperfection is beautiful.

Creative practice in community is a good way to process life.

Over the years creativity and ritual have become foundational parts of my life, which is so much better for it. I’m excited to share embroidery in particular because it’s such a nice way to spend wintery Sundays even when we don’t have a ton of energy.

Some things I’ve made

What’s inside the modules?

Module One - Dreaming

  • Coming up with ideas & doing visual research
  • Sourcing sustainable materials
  • Setting intentions & preparing your space

Module Two - Making

  • How to prepare your hoop and get started
  • Simple stitches for beautiful designs
  • Troubleshooting

Module Three - Mending

  • Creativity as a spiritual practice
  • Making time to make with limited resources
  • Reflection & reframing through art


Mending Together is $135, you can use the code 50OFF for $50

if the normal price isn’t affordable to you. 

You can also pay in three instalments if you like. 


Please come to Mending Together exactly as you are – bring your heartbreak, your tiredness, your anger and also your love, creative excitement and laughter.

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