About me and the Daydreaming Wolves podcast


My name is Yarrow, I am honoured to be your host!

I am a queer writer, body worker and comforter and I support people in navigating transitions, grounding into themselves and finding simple pleasure.

The Daydreaming Wolves podcast is a mix of deep dive interviews on healing modalities that feel good and spark resilience and resistance, wild life stories and new ideas as well as reflective solo episodes and how to guides filled with everyday magic.

Podcast #67 Why I am becoming a Death Doula

Hey loved ones, this solo episode is pretty much what it says on the tin: an exploration of why I am training as a death doula as an extension of the grief celebrant training I am doing, some thoughts about death, loss and grief and how all this actually makes me feel...

Podcast #61 What Wild Embodiment means to me

What comes to mind when you are hearing the word embodiment? My thoughts are still changing all the time, it's very much an open exploration to me. This is a solo episode in which I am sharing about my current practices and reflecting a bit on the past year. I am also...

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