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I am excited to share this new episode with you – it’s been recorded in September last year, but feels super relevant right now as we are navigating the change of season into spring and for most of us the anniversary of going into lockdown. My guest Avni Trivedi is a beautiful bodyworker and educator with so much wisdom to share about staying grounded and listening to our bodies! On this note I’d also like to invite you to a self-massage workshop I am offering in the Embodied Ritual Community in March, learn more and join here. For now I hope you’ll enjoy this episode as much as I did! Here is what we talked about: 

  • How our bodies navigate lockdown
  • Allowing ourselves grief
  • The importance of touch and how we can reconnect with our own bodies
  • Living cyclically and trusting our bodies’ wisdom

Avni Trivedi is an experienced Osteopath, Doula, Zero Balancer and Women’s Intuitive Health Expert. Having spent much of her life on a learning path, Avni is qualified in a multitude of disciplines including paediatric and women’s health osteopathy, zero balancing, reiki and NLP and she is a birth doula. Avni works beyond the realms of traditional osteopathy, bringing in to play a mix of zero balancing and a carefully considered range of skills so that she can truly discover and treat the underlying health issues and imbalances that may be causing problems.

@avnitouch on instagram and twitter

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