Hey everyone,

I’m so happy to share this episode with you – a true joy to record. I hope you’ll enjoy it too and check Jamee’s work out below. Here is what we talked about:

  • How Jamee came to the healing arts and how the pandemic has changed his work
  • What decolonizing medicine means to him and why stinky food matters so much
  • What gateways to ancestral connection we can explore
  • The magic of food as ritual, as healing, as a practice of reclamation

There is a content note for colonial violence roughly 20 to 28 minutes into this episode, take care of yourself and skip this if you like.

About Jamee:

I am a hilot binabaylan, acupuncturist, and Chinese medicine practitioner.  My practice is informed by my identity as a queer, trans, non binary, Tagalog person living in the U.S.  With the combination of my lived experience and training, my goal is to help individuals and communities live their fullest lives by offering a decolonizing approach to medicine rooted in traditional and ancestral practices.

Here are all of Jamee’s links, including the sign up for the upcoming workshop:

This is the Embodied Business Community I mentioned: https://yarrowdigital.com/diy-business-school/

And here is the Web Design Course: https://yarrowdigital.com/web-design-adventure-course/


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