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it appears that it is indeed May, what a surprise! It took me a little while to publish this episode, but now that I did it feels perfectly times for the height of spring and the playful plant exploration offers itself to us everywhere. Kate Husted was a wonderful guest who shared so generously in a way that made me laugh, nourished me and left me feeling more curious and hopeful. Here is some of what we talked about:

  • Making friends with the plants around us
  • Working with anxiety in times of upheaval
  • Running a free herbal clinic
  • Unraveling systemic harm as a white settler herbalist

Kate Husted is a plant person, clinical herbalist, teacher, writer, and founder of The Herb Hut Free Clinic.  Her non-profit organization provides free and mobile herbal medicine to underserved communities.  Her online courses provide practical tools for engaging with the sacred, and healing our relationship with the natural world.  She lives in the ancestral home of the Southern Ute people in Southwest Colorado.



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