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Hey friends,

ah, we made it through the eclipse and now here we are, entering Sag season, moving towards the solstice. I am trying to be still, to look at the moon, to treasure beautiful conversations like this one. I spoke to the wonderful Ryn Silverstein, a person whose creativity, thought & spirit I really treasure. I hope you’ll feel blessed by this conversation the way I did. Here is some of what we talked about:

  • Longing as a beautiful guiding structure
  • Queer ways of relating to the moon & the moon as an ancestral home
  • The magic of jewish time & cycles
  • Sustaining, growing and holding a creative practice inside and outside of institutions

Ryn Silverstein is a writer and priestess with a creative living practice that’s embodied, queer, and ancestrally-rooted.‌ They cultivate longing as devotional practice, creating space in the everyday for dreaming and enchantment. Honoring the moon as their ancestral home, Ryn tends to the connection the moon enables between our bodies, land bodies, and water bodies.

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