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Hey friends,

I cannot believe that it took my almost a whole year to share this beautiful conversation with you. I truly loved talking to Lex Ritchie of Day’s Eye Tarot and then… life happened, really hard. I hope that in some way it still comes your way at exactly the right time and that you’ll get as much out of listening to Lex’s generous sharing as I did. Here is some of what we talked about:

  • Finding our own ways towards liberatory and healing practices
  • Queerness, neurodivergence & liminality as a source of magic
  • Navigating pandemic challenges

Lex Ritchie (they/them) is the tarot reader and folk magician behind Day’s Eye Tarot. A chronically-ill, neurodivergent, queer mystic, they approach tarot as a radical practice rooted in the hidden-in-plain-sight tradition of cartomancy of the working-class and backcountry kitchens of their ancestors, a skill gained through connection, practice, and cunning. They use tarot as a folk art to help you discover and nurture the root of your own authority to think, act, and create in and for your own life so that you can take the kind of intentional action you need to achieve your dreams. 

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