Hey friends,

I’m just coming out my little winter cocoon to tell you about the new Making app, which I loved joining. As you might know I left instagram last year for many different reasons, but one thing I have missed was seeing other people’s creative processes and sharing my own. I had been hoping for a gentle and non-competitive space to do that and to be able to do a little comfort-scrolling without being bombarded by ads and shiny stuff.

I’m not being paid to say that I found exactly this in the Making app, I just wanted to see if you want to join me there so that we can swap notes on what we’re working on – my username is @YarrowMagdalena

In January I’ll also teach a class on dreaming into the new year, which you are super welcome to join: https://themakingapp.com/classes/dreaming-into-2022-with-your-journal–the-tarot/Y599 (please note you need to be logged into the app to open this link).

Hopefully see you there: https://themakingapp.com/about


P.S. This is the star card from the Future Ancestors deck by Lexa Luna Studio

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