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Hey friends,

I’m delighted to bring you a beautiful conversation with Emma Freeman – her creative practice has inspired mine so much and I love what she shared about her experience of the pandemic and what’s important to her now. A balm to listen to! Here is some of what we talked about:

  • Poetry as a healing practice
  • Weaving with nature
  • Deepening our relationship with the natural world
  • Showing up for our creative practice and leaning into slow stitching

Emma Freeman is a queer mixed media artist, poet and teacher. She works with fibers, words, collage, slow stitching and nature to connect more deeply to herself and to this world. She is fascinated by the dance between art making and healing and loves exploring both within her practice. Her process is contemplative, slow, quiet and playful. Emma is sober, a highly sensitive person, deeply loves animals and also loves making up silly dance moves. She teaches online art classes in a variety of mediums and lives in Wisconsin in the United States with her two rescue beagles.

You can find Emma at

and here is more info about the Creative Nature Coven I mentioned:

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