Hey friends,

my heart is bursting with excitement to share this conversation with you – I spoke to the wonderful Stevie Leigh, a chat that was just what I needed to listen back to today. I hope it will feel as nourishing and grounding to you as it did for me. Here is some of what we talked about:

  • Being connected to a web of ancestry, magic & community
  • Finding, feeling and expanding the edges of our capacity
  • Staying connected to our bodies through difficulty, discomfort and joy
  • Holding grief with integrity

stevie leigh (they/she) is a somatic practitioner, writer, mystic, and care taker in many forms. In service to body autonomy and literacy, they help people find their way back to themselves. Supporting people in finding what they truly need in times of transition (birth, death, sexual revolution, trauma healing) is what guides them in their work. Stevie offers 1:1 somatic counseling, tarot readings, and their course RETURN: a trauma informed course exploring embodiment and emotional awareness. They are currently a guest on Tongva land in what is now called Pasadena, California and are curious about finding new (and old) ways to honor the people who stewarded the land before colonialism. Their somatic lineage includes teachings from birthwork, reproductive health work, SE, somatic sex education, generative somatics, and a deep focus in Hakomi. In their somatic practice, they weave together these threads alongside their own connection to ancestral knowledge and practices.


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