Hey friends,

ah, what a joy this conversation has been! I know I am always gushing about my guests, but I just really am so lucky. Listening back to my chat with Samantha Zipporah gave me full body giggles and a renewed sense of hope. We covered so many topics that feel more alive and important than ever and I really hope you’ll feel some of the radical love listening in too. Here is some of what we talked about:

  • Reclaiming embodied sovereignty
  • The relationship between oxytocin & anarchism
  • Being IN love and creative flow
  • Saying no as a commitment to yes
  • The magic of fertility, cycles, birth & death

Samantha Zipporah is a fertility, sex, & cycle educator, author, & activist with over 20 years of experience. She is devoted to breaking the spells of oppression in reproductive & sexual health through collective healing, liberation, & education. A former birth doula, she provides radical love for navigating the womb continuum & reclaiming ancestral wisdom. Sam’s unique praxis weaves a balance of scientific data & spiritual presence to offer knowledge & embodied wisdom for claiming inner authority in fertility, sex, & cycles. Sam provides vital education for everyone from professionals to preteens and inspires individuals to claim their power through body literacy & sovereignty. To learn more about her books, writing, courses, & mentorships, please visit www.samanthazipporah.com

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