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ah I am so happy to share this conversation, truly. Ever since speaking to A.J. Bond I’ve been thinking about the ways in which shame shows up in my life and it’s been really helpful and potential-gifting to find new ways to un-shame. This is an emotion I think we should all talk about more and I hope you’ll love listening as much as I did. Here is some of what we talked about:

  • The wild power of healing shame
  • Honest communication, boundaries & navigating needs
  • Developing relational skills with ourselves and each other
  • Getting uncomfortable for the sake of growth

A.J. Bond is a Toronto-based writer, filmmaker, and shame educator. As a gay man and former child actor, A.J. is no stranger to shame. After experiencing a life-changing “shame breakthrough” in therapy several years ago, A.J. dedicated himself to educating others about our “master emotion” through Shame Ed classes and one-on-one coaching. A.J. is certified as a shame-healing practitioner by the Center for Healing Shame in Berkeley and has also trained in Nonviolent Communication and Authentic Relating. A.J. is the host of the podcast Discomfortable, exploring shame and other difficult emotions.

Visit www.discomfortable.net for more info.

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