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ah, I am so proud to bring this conversation your way, I truly loved talking to Laura Mae Northrup, whose worked has been important on my journey in lots of different ways. We covered a lot of ground and I hope you’ll feel inspired to check her book and podcast out after listening to this. Here is some of what we talked about:

  • Psychedelic preparation & integration
  • Looking at trauma through a spiritual lens
  • Embodying integrity as a healing practitioner within capitalism
  • Listening to survivors and witnessing each other heal

Laura Mae Northrup, MFT is an author, educator, somatic psychotherapist, and podcaster. Her first book Radical Healership (Feb 2022) is a spiritually-informed and anticapitalist guide for healing practitioners who seek to build a values-driven healing practice. She is the host and creator of the podcast Inside Eyes, an audio series about people using entheogens and psychedelics to heal from sexual trauma. Her work focuses on defining sexual violence through a spiritual and politicized lens, mentoring healing practitioners in creating a meaningful path, and supporting the spiritual integrity of our collective humanity.

You can learn more about her work here: www.lauramaenorthrup.com

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