Hey friends,

happy almost summer solstice! This episode with Tara Leaver is inspiring and uplifting, so I hope it adds to all the light around us <3

Here is some of what we talked about:

  • Finding inspiration in the landscape
  • “Making it” as an artist and re-defining what that means
  • Finding the courage to share your work
  • Committing deeply to your practice without being a perfectionist

Tara is an artist and teacher based in Cornwall in the south west of England, where she lives in a clifftop barn and works from a studio at the bottom of the garden with a view of the sea. She started teaching art courses online in 2013, with a focus on helping artists uncover and develop their unique self expression more freely, beyond the influence and inspiration of others. Her courses have helped hundreds of artists around the world gain confidence, find clarity in their process and practice, and make art that reflects their individuality, whether for the pleasure of it or professionally {or both!}. A couple of years ago she gathered all her courses together in a membership called The Happy Artist Studio, which helps artists focus on their unique path supported by a wealth of material, guidance, and connection. Her own art has always been about expressing what freedom feels like, and over the past several years has been focused on her passion for sea swimming. She makes mixed media abstract landscape paintings, mostly on raw wood panel, and sells them in various galleries in the UK as well as online.



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