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it’s an honour to bring another episode with Nancy Antenucci to you – she was also on episode #56, way back in the before times, and it was so cool to reconnect and see what Nancy has been up to. We covered a lot of beautiful ground and I love how generous and creative Nancy is in the ways she practices with the tarot and is creative in the world. Here is some of what we talked about:

  • Finding rituals for uncertain times
  • Embodying tarot archetypes for a deeper understanding of life, creativity & ourselves
  • Letting go of workaholism
  • Deeply appreciating slowness

Nucc (Nancy Antenucci) is a seasoned tarot reader as well as a teacher of visionary strategies. Her innovative take on tarot makes her a highly sought-after teacher. Besides her strong influence in the Twin Cities, she helped build and is a faculty member for a Tarot school in Chengdu, China. Her first book, Psychic Tarot, is a culmination of her teaching and mentoring, practical know-how, and unending passion of tarot. Her newest creation is “Tarot Rituals”has nearly 100 tarot ceremonies, ideas and experiences for the tarot lover. Nucc is the founder of Minnesota’s Twin Cities Tarot Collective, which produces the annual North Star Tarot conference.


More info about the Queer Spirit sessions I mentioned: https://www.yarrowmagdalena.com/queer-spirit/

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