Hey friends, this episode is a real treat if you are interested in working with the seasons, the tarot and becoming a reader as well as creating authentic rituals that work for you. Kerrie is a wonderful witch with so much experience and love for her work, so I am excited to share some of her insights with you!

Kerrie Basha is Bohomofo, a tarot reader, writer and storyteller from regional Australia. A practicing witch with twenty years’ experience working in natural therapies, she is fascinated by the unseen and what lies hidden in the dark. Kerrie is a meditation facilitator and creates journeys for all ages and all works of life through her meditations, offering the chance for anyone and everyone to learn to peer deeply within. She creates personalised rituals and spells for her clients and loves to spend her time in the wilds collecting plants and bones, shells and branches with her animal familiars.

Find Kerrie at www.bohomofo.com/ and check her instagram account @bohomofo


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