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Happy spring or autumn to you, dear listener! This episode is a really wonderful one to help us dive into a new season – I spoke to Phelicia of Queen and Crow about such wonderful things like:

  • Being called to be tender in all we do
  • Letting flowers hold us through periods of grief
  • Being polyamorous with the plant world
  • Finding small everyday rituals and resisting the ways capitalism wants to sell things back to us

I hope you’ll enjoy this conversation as much as I did!

Phelicia Okon Magnusson is a queer black herbalist and flower essence practitioner based on the Big Island of Hawai’i. Her work centers folks of color who are affirming their wholeness by healing inter-generational trauma, moving though narratives of shame, reclaiming pleasure practices, exploring sexuality and returning to their intuition and resilience in the face of ongoing oppression. Phelicia’s work is open to everyone and is an embodied exploration of building reciprocal relationships with land and plants to tend healing and facilitate transformation and acceptance.
Tiffany, the tarot led, plant inspired embodiment coach Phelicia mentioned:
Thank you for listening!
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