Happy full moon!

I have some exciting news to share and also wanted to record a solo episode on free resources for when you are struggling, craving some shifts or just feel a bit stuck. There have been some really cool conversations about keeping magic + healing accessible (because really, if its not accessible to poor people, it’s not radical but also how do we as facilitators pay bills? So many questions!) lately and I wanted to share some stuff that has really helped me, especially at times when I was super limited on both time and money. Tune in to hear me talk about:

  • How after months of soul searching I finally got lots clearer on my focus for Daydreaming Wolves and why I stayed up till 1am to redesign the whole site
  • How I would love to invite you to think about how much structure and commitment you need around magic and self-care
  • What free resources I am super excited about at the moment
  • How I made space for nourishing input by decluttering newsletters and social media spaces
  • How I find it 100% okay to check people’s free stuff out even if you are not in a position to buy anything
  • Why just dancing to one song is making a huge difference for me right now and how I want to explore embodiment even more

Here are some resources I talked about/wish I would have mentioned: 

…I hope there is something in there for you!

Here is the link to the Daydreaming Wolves Patreon if you’re interested in monthly ritual kits, readings or courses and here is the link to the new readings, custom rituals and mentoring I am offering.




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