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Hey loved ones, I am super proud to send another episode with the beautiful Jordyn Schwersky of your way! It’s been a wonderful conversation about the following magical stuff:

  • Working with tricky soil
  • How Jordyn got into magic and the tarot through her mum
  • Travelling with small tarot decks
  • Healing skin problems with DIY herbalism
  • Self-care for entrepreneurs
  • Support for anxiety and depression
  • Why regular tarot readings feels SO GOOD


Jordyn Schwersky is an herbalist, tarot reader, writer, intuitive, and general witchy person. She founded Mystic Sister with the intent to offer tarot readings, herbal medicine, and a community where similarly minded people can reclaim their ancestral knowledge, open their hearts, and become whole. You can find out more at her website, You can also contribute to her Patreon (in exchange for some pretty awesome goodies) at and follow her @mysticsister__ on Instagram.
If you like you can support the Daydreaming Wolves Patreon which gets you access to monthly ritual kits, regular readings and DIY courses on small business magic, branding and web design. 
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