I am still riding the summer solstice waves and am super happy to bring you another podcast episode with the beautiful Natalie Ross of Dream Freedom Beauty. Natalie and I had a really cool conversations about the following stuff of magical interest:

  • DIY Media and feeling less alone
  • The story behind the Dream Freedom Beauty podcast
  • Coming up against resistance as an entrepreneur
  • Overcoming self-doubt and being ok with imperfection
  • Working with privilege, being ok with being wrong and being called in
  • Embracing weirdness
Natalie Ross produces two podcasts (Dream Freedom Beauty and Self Care Club) that help empaths, intuitives, and healers untangle themselves from childhood conditioning that made them feel like they weren’t worthy or enough as they are. Natalie has a fierce passion for connecting with the non-human inhabitants of Earth. Through the communities that have grown around her podcasts, she’s recently discovered that humans can be pretty cool, too.
Dream Freedom Beauty podcast www.dreamfreedombeauty.com
Self Care Club podcast – listen + learn about the online gatherings – www.selfcareclub.net
Connect on Instagram:
Grow Beautiful – @GrowBeautiful on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/growbeautiful
Staring at Plants – another predecessor to Dream Freedom Beauty
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