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Hey sweet listeners,

thank you so much for joining me for another episode! It’s my honour to bring you a conversation with Adrienne Sloan, who spoke so beautifully about things that really matter to me right now. I hope this episode will bring you some joy and comfort as you go about your day.

I also want to say that I am in full support of the protests against police violence and that I hope 2020 will be a year of lasting change beyond what we can imagine right now. I know my work as a white person isn’t done by just naming my solidarity and I’m committed to showing up in better ways now and in the future. I’m currently completing my book Rituals and am therefore taking a break from social media, but I’ll be back soon.

Here is some of what Adrienne and I talked about:

  • Small rituals for daily connection with our ancestors
  • Staying present with our grief
  • De-centering human relationships as a way to deepen our sense of belonging
  • Cultivating practices for times of quarantine
  • Finding comfort in uncertainty
  • How Adrienne understands animism

Adrienne Sloan is a child of the 70’s, a wanderer between worlds who holds space for visionaries and creatives to embody connection with their ancestors and their deep-time kin. She is dedicated to the unraveling of human-centered narratives through exploration in the imaginal realms. Adrienne is the granddaughter of Jean Lorraine, Elizabeth Ann, Dorothy, Netta, Jenny, and Paloma.

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