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Hey everyone, happy Friday!

I’m bringing you a really nourishing and inspiring conversation with Quai Nystrom – we recorded it in mid March and it kind of feels like my last “normal” recording, it reminds me of #lastnormalpicture on instagram. I really love Quai’s work, their approach to gentle & active participation in our day to day healing and all the wisdom they have to share about plants. I hope you’ll get as much out of listening as I did! Here is some of what we talked about:

  • The beauty of being curious about our experiences
  • Embracing little bits of healing in day to day life
  • Plants as allies on our trauma recovery journey
  • Finding ways to actively participate in our healthcare

Quai (they/she*) is an herbalist, psychotherapist and perpetual learner. Their work focuses on healing trauma, easing anxiety and discovering the connectedness of emotional experience and bodies. In other words, she believes that if you want to adequately address struggles then you can’t talk about emotional experience without including the body. In their herbalism practice, Quai seeks to go to the roots. This means tending to the inner layers of each individual while applying awareness of what they navigate in the outer world. She tunes into identity, lived experiences and culture. Additionally, Quai’s work considers the resources and relationships to others and the environment that each person brings. Quai has been offering counseling and therapy for over 15 years and herbalism for the past 4. As an herbalist craft, ritual and utility inspires them to be a plant-person matchmaker. Quai is based in New York City, but her herbal work is sometimes done remotely. They aim to reach those who are interested in care-full, conscious use of botanicals and practices that go slow in order to go deep.

*Quai uses both they and she pronouns to honor androgynous, fluid and feminine aspects of their personhood. If this is new to you, you can read up on gender queer, non-binary, and gender fluid identities to learn more.

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