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I am sorry for the unexpected podcasting pause! Much has happened in the world, I have moved to a new home and I just didn’t have the headspace to edit & upload a new episode in a little while. But I am back and excited to share thoughts and conversations in this way.

Today I am sending a wonderful interview with Allison Carr to you – she recently wrote a really touching zine called Sovereign and so around that we explored finding our own truth, questioning authority and teachers and connecting with our bodies. Allison shared what somatic practices mean to her, what kind of experiences she has made in healing trauma and she also gave us a really great intro to poly-vagal theory. I am really excited to share this as the first episode of autumn and I think as we go into the darker part of the year in the Northern hemisphere there is so much to explore and treasure here. Enjoy!

Allison Carr is a queer witch, healer, writer, mother and licensed acupuncturist, currently living on the traditional territories of the of the Tanana Dene peoples, also known as Alaska. She is a 10th generation settler of Scottish, German and Scandinavian descent and is sustained by the land she lives on and her relationship with the plants that grow there. She is the creator of the Sacred Wheel Podcast, author of the memoir zine: Sovereign, and offers online sessions in compassionate witnessing and somatic regulation, as well as an online class about regulating your nervous system and the occasional class about magic.

Find out more about her at http://allisoncarr.net Instagram: @allisoncarrmagic
Resilience Course: https://resiliencecrashcourse.teachery.co/the-resilience-course
Order the Zine: https://allisoncarr.net/the-sovereign-zine-order-page/

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