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I thought it might be nice to step away from the news for a moment in election week to reorient myself to something I really love – having honest conversations with magical people. Speaking to Mimi Young was really beautiful and I hope this conversation will bring some inspiration and comfort your way. Here is some of what we talked about:

  • Connecting to Spirit
  • Moving through this year with grounding and integrity
  • Exploring what solitude really means
  • Nurturing ancestral connections
  • Healing the witch wound

Mimi Young is a shamanic witch and founder of Ceremonie (@shopceremonie), an esoteric brand focusing on in-person and online core shamanic and occult education, Remote Shamanic Readings, and plant potions for skin and aura. Mimi works with a blend of modalities including core shamanism, plant spirit healing, chao magick, and Chinese esoterics, with a focus on healing through shadows, dream work, divination, ancestral connection, and psychic development. She is also a neurofeedback practitioner (@openmindsperformance), where she supports others in accessing their peak via neurological resilience. It’s this intersection of ancient and frontier that she finds most fascinating and effective for human expansion.

Though possessing psychic gifts her whole life, Mimi stepped into this line of work “by accident” while on bedrest for 5 months during her second child’s pregnancy. Having an alinear background in design, education, and clean tech, she sees her background as a way to relate, to be curious together, and to live our most aligned selves.


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