Hey everyone,

here we are, we made it to the very end of 2020! 

I wanted to record this episode to say thank you and also to give anyone who needs it permission to not make new year’s eve resolutions. We’ve done enough by just making it through this year without abandoning ourselves and we deserve a gift to celebrate that instead of another to do. Of course if you have a resolution that feels good I am happy for you! But if you are celebrating alone today too and want to hear some thoughts about nice rituals and getting cozy then I hope this episode will feel nice to listen to!

Much love,


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Are you wanting to make sense of these strange times, connect with nature in a deeper way and find your own philosophy?

Then we probably have a lot in common. My name is Yarrow and I’m a queer writer, gardener and artist who loves to daydream.

Leaning into ritual, being a lover of the wild and making my own magic has helped me through all kinds of tough stuff, which is why I am so passionate about sharing what I’ve found here.

Follow along for explorations of beauty, the human experience and what it means to not go back to normal.

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