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it’s a sweet summer day over here, a perfect time really to be soft and think about the ways we want to love, hold & accept ourselves. I’ve known my guest Danette Relic for many years and have learned SO much from her, she truly is one of the best cheer leaders and permission givers I’ve ever met. Here is some of what we talked about:

  • What it means to be in radical self-engagement
  • How Danette got married to herself and how it has changed her life
  • Permission, creativity & love
  • Growing up just wanting to fall in love & be an artist

Danette Relic is a Canadian artist, self love coach and future author. Married to herself since 2001. From a young age Danette wanted two things: to be an artist and to fall in love. Her early art career moved from gallery spaces to round tables where she helped others explore their own creative voices through personal reflection, visual art and writing. Danette’s multifaceted work continues to illuminate the relationship between self love and creative expression with The Art of Self Marriage.

After a brain injury in 2018 challenged her capacity for reading and writing, she found the joy of using her voice to serve in new ways by starting The Soft Shoulder Podcast.

Danette’s Self-Marriage program: https://www.radicalcreativesanctuary.com/self-marriage/

Danette’s podcast: https://www.radicalcreativesanctuary.com/podcasts/


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