Hey friends,

I’m excited to share this conversation with Jilna Shah with you – it’s been really great to listen back as I was editing just now and I hope you’ll get as much out of it as I did. Here is some of what we talked about, though there was so much more magic in here that goes way beyond lists:

  • Orienting ourselves towards joy, community & social justice
  • How we can lay transformative foundations within ourselves
  • Navigating all the changes the pandemic brought
  • Holding space for intergenerational healing and asking what becomes possible when we inhabit our bodies fully

I’m Jilna and I teach gentle movement and meditation in the community. I do this both online and in-person. My practice reflects my passion to co-create ways of moving and being that help people to connect more deeply with themselves and the things that matter most in the world. It involves understanding how different people are affected by their  identities and life experiences, and encouraging them towards a greater sense of ease and joy. This practice is always evolving, especially as I learn a lot from the people who attend my classes and workshops.

I have weaved social justice, movement and meditation together for many years and I am motivated by the transformative impact that these practices can have both at an individual level and beyond in cultivating communities that are rooted in kindness and care.


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