I will be super honest here – Sarah had been an instagram crush of mine for a while before I was super brave and emailed her about coming on my show and thank Goddess she said yes! Sarah is super magical yet totally down to earth and has shared lots of gems about her way of reading the tarot, working with plants and letting go of habits that are no longer serving her. We also talked about authentic self-care, living in Asheville and reclaiming the word witch. I also highly recommend checking out her blog (all links below) and signing up for her self-care checklist. Enjoy and remember you can also listen on iTunes here

Sarah M. Chappell is a transformational healer based outside of Asheville, North Carolina. She intuitively blends tarot, flower and stone essences, and herbal remedies to empower women to heal themselves. Her personal journey of healing depression and addiction has led her to believe that we each have the ability to create our own wellbeing, and that with tools and support we can unravel, shift, and heal our stories of suffering.


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