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This week I had my beautiful friend and business guide Lisa Nagel on the show – we talked about keeping it real, simple and magical and how we can learn through joy rather than just through difficult experiences. We also shared some rituals that are pretty easy to do and have really helped us through challenging times, explored what it can mean to work with desire and surrender and talked about being at ease with the cycles of expansion and contraction. Lisa is such a sweet, wonderful babe and I am delighted to share her with you!

In this episode we mentioned the concepts of mantras and chakras and as two white people we’d like to acknowledge that these are practices that have generously been shared with us by Indian teachers like Swami Sivananda who shared their wisdom with us despite the horrific experiences their communities have made through colonisation.

Lisa Nagel is a card reader and healer currently based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. She supports women through a unique blend of love filled card and energy readings by marrying the magical, spiritual and the practical to empower them, witness and heal their wild sensitive souls. She deeply believes in the inherent wisdom each soul carries and in making more space for sacredness in our lives.

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