Happy full moon in Taurus you beautiful being! 
My celebratory gift is a beautiful interview with Sarah Faith Gottesdiener who creates the Many Moon workbooks that have had a big impact on my life and my understanding of time and seasons. It’s been really inspiring to talk to Sarah, here is some of what we shared: 
  • Living in moon time and embracing a slow life
  • The creative and self-publishing process
  • Creating consistency in our magical practices
  • Creating simple and beautiful rituals
Sarah Faith Gottesdiener is a creative living in Los Angeles, CA. She designs, art directs and consults with small businesses, non-profits, and large companies around the USA. Sarah has run her feminist apparel company Modern Women for 10 years and her designs are carried in stores in Canada, the UK, and the United States. A student of the Tarot since 2004, Sarah has been reading Tarot cards professionally for the past 5 years. Sarah has taught classes on metaphysical subjects such as Moonbeaming, the Tarot, and Intuition for the past 4 years around the United States and Canada. She is the creator of the Many Moons Workbooks.
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Image by Nancy Neil
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