This episode is really close to my heart and extra special. Rachael Maddox is a trauma resolution educator, coach and guide whose work I have followed with joy and excitement for a long while. I believe with every cell of my being that her work is needed now more than ever and I am excited to share a bit of her with you!

Tune in to hear about our visions for collective sexual healing and trauma resolution, what we can do when old trauma resurfaces, the tenderness of starting over and doing intimacy differently and why we feel it can help to think of trauma as a bad spell. We also had a chat about the similarities between consent in sex and consent in marketing, how we can create fair exchanges and why somatic approaches to healing are so important.

Content note: We talked about family stuff, sexual trauma and violence, but there are no graphic elements.

I highly recommend checking Rachael`s kickstarter for her upcoming book Sex after Trauma out at – there are amazing treats and you`ll be supporting work that is so needed in the world.

Join Rachael on Instagram for a 30-day free course called The Reclamation :: Opening the Doorway to Delicious Sex After Trauma. and visit her website to sign up for the free video series we`ve mentioned.

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