Happy slightly belated new moon, you dreambabes! I hope the eclipse season is treating you well, that you are being showered in beautiful insights and that healing feels like softly floating down a river on a stable and supportive leaf (idk where that came from, I had a lot of rose tea this morning).
I feel super excited to bring you this gem of a conversation – it’s is a beautiful deep-dive into ideas, challenges and dreams around sharing, solidarity and engaging with money in sustainable, healthier ways. We also talked about the seduction of quick cash in the online business world, what it can mean to have social capital and access to resources and how the internet isn’t as democratic as we may think it is. I have worked with Sophie personally and feel that my life is so much richer with her in it – I can feel why she is so passionate about her work and I really value her perspectives.
Sophie Macklin is a queer femme witch, anti-capitalist abundance coach, and feminist priestess in love with the magic of valuing and care. She works with people on thriving within and despite capitalism as we all work to dismantle systemic oppression. She believes the current system for resource distribution is drastically unfair, and relies on the exploitation of land and people. She is interested in creating something different.  Sophie is passionate about women and queers getting paid for their work, mutual aid, and all of us getting imaginative about new economies and new ways of being.
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