Happy new moon in Taurus, dream babes!

Thanks to our beautiful Patreons there is another episode to enjoy already!
This time I spoke to astrologer, tarot reader and writer the Firebrand Witch.
It’s been a touching, honest, beautiful and giggly conversation about all of these beautiful things:
  • Navigating the magical world as a non-binary person
  • Reclaiming the word witch
  • Doing magic at college
  • Astrology as an intuitive art that heals through creating narrative
  • Creative morning practices
  • Tarot as a reflective tool for survivors
  • Patreon as a way to support independent makers
  • Navigating the start of a new business
  • Identifying with tarot cards
The Firebrand Witch is an astrologer, tarot reader, idea synthesizer and writer who is on a daily dash to make meaning of society and human beings through the magic of the planets and the cards. They are a mad agender cyborg witch with a heart of flames committed to supporting humans through their underworld journeys as they (re)discover their magic, meaning, and passion for being. They write weekly horoscopes and occasional reflections on healing and transforming over at thefirebrandwitch.com.
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