Hey daydreamers,

I am really sorry for the delay with this episode – the last few weeks were a bit intense and hectic and I really missed podcasting! I think the wait was totally worth it though because I interviewed my friend Janelle Hardy, who was an absolutely dream to talk to! Here are some of the things we shared about:

  • Weaving story telling, body work and visual art into transformative healing
  • Personal Mythmaking as a tool for insight and empowerment
  • Her group program and how she helps people write their own memoir with ease through looking at myths and fairy tales
  • Podcasting as a way to build community and have meaningful conversations
  • What embodiment means to Janelle (her words really touched me!)
  • How we can unlearn body hate and restrictive movement patterns
  • Emotional body awareness

Janelle Hardy is a healer, single mother and artist. Her work is driven by the belief that when we tap into the power of our creativity, our bodies and our vibrancy, we gain vitality, courage and strength. We reclaim our wholeness and sense of purpose and identity.

She works with women who long to feel like enough, and know it’s possible. She combines 12+ years as a hands-on bodyworker with a background in Anthropology, Dance and the visual arts to offer one-on-one sessions as well as leading private healing retreats and The Art of Personal Mythmaking (a transformational memoir-writing course that facilitates healing, growth and joy.)

Here is Janelle’s website:
The Art of Personal Mythmaking – a transformational memoir-writing course: http://www.janellehardy.com/personal-mythmaking/
Her 100 days of What’s Underneath paintings hashtag on Insta: https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/100daysofwhatsunderneathpaintings/?hl=en
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