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Happy new moon in Leo, witches!

Thanks so much for your patience, I feel it was worth it as today’s episode is with Tess, the City Witch who is an absolute dream babe who makes incredible zines and offers beautiful tarot magic. I recently had a reading with them, which was super helpful, and I read the zine I have from them often.

I hope our conversations gives you some joy and maybe a sense of not being alone in your weird and wonderful witchcraft, at least that’s how I felt after talking to Tess. Here is what we dreamed about:

  • Working with willow to process grief
  • How Tess was introduced to magic
  • Being disillusioned by binary based approaches to magic
  • Witchcraft on tumblr and sharing radical ideas through social media
  • Hexing your local rapist
  • Using your phone charger for magic
  • Working with the hermit card
  • Generosity and abundance in our communities

tess is a collective tarot reader, city witch, and zinester based in Ottawa, Canada.  they are a cancer sun and moon, aries rising.  they studied history and political science at the University of Ottawa and are an alum of lindsay mack’s wild soul tarot teachings.  influenced by anarchist studies on gendered labour and bodily autonomy, tess approaches tarot as a spiralic, revolutionary tool to assist the collective.


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