Hey dreambabes, I am incredibly honoured to bring you an episode with the wonderful Desiree Cervantes today! We first met online a few years ago and started to have really good chats about magic, cultural appropriation and identity this summer. Desiree is incredibly kind yet fierce, grounded, curious and magical and I am super happy she said yes to recording one of our conversations. This is some of what we talked about:

  • Magic as a way to self-soothe
  • Coming out later in life
  • Cultural appropriation in spiritual communities
  • Working with ancestral traditions
  • Chaos magic and dealing with the unexpected
  • Shedding the idea that our worth as a person is defined by how desirable we are to men

Desiree Cervantes is a shaman, intuitive healer and witch.  An indigenous femme, modern medicine woman and mother of two.  She is passionate about wild spirituality, radical honesty and creativity as a tools for spiritual healing. Desiree helps wild-hearted souls connect with and reclaim their personal magic through intuitive counselling, clairvoyant readings, practical magic and mediumship. Connect with her on Instagram @spiritfireshaman and visit www.spiritfireshaman.com.

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