Hey friends, happy almost new moon in libra! I have a really wonderful episode with my friend Fay for you today, which I think is perfect if you want to dream about the changing seasons and reconnect with plants. Here is what we talked about:

  • The creative process of Fay’s book
  • Intimacy with the changing seasons
  • Understanding cycles and applying them to our own lives to take pressure off ourselves
  • Grounding practices out in nature
  • Working with found objects
  • What we can learn from plants

Fay Johnstone is a Shamanic Herbalist, Reiki Master and a Plant Spirit Guide who is the author of Plants that Speak Souls that Sing: transform you life with the spirit of plants.

Following a beautiful awakening to the spirit of plants while running a flower farm, Fay’s work helps clients open their own intuition to the forces of nature, meet plant spirit guides and restore their sacred relationship with the Earth to feel confident and connected on their path.

Applying Shamanic techniques, the alchemy of nature and spirit inspired guidance to nourish your soul, Fay can help you remember your magic, release old patterns of shame and grief, reawaken ancient wisdom within you and reclaim your power to become fully aligned with the truth of who you are. Fay offers healing, workshops and programs across the UK, online and from her home in Scotland.

Fay’s website: www.fayjohnstone.com
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