Hey friends,

Fridays are now Daydreaming Wolves podcast days, hurray!

Today I am sharing a movement + journaling audio workshop from the Magic of Embodiment program with you – people in the program really loved it and so I thought you might too. I will be sharing bits from the program on here occasionally because I love making things more accessible and want to offer you a peak behind the scenes.

You might want to listen to this at home rather than on public transport or in the car, but all you need is pen and paper. I am sharing some very gentle movement practices you can do sitting or lying down and then there will be some journaling prompts to dive into. Enjoy!

Here is the Magic of Embodiment program this is from.

Here is the free sign up for the upcoming tarot for beginners workshop

And if you want to support the show and access the Magic of Embodiment program you can become a Patreon here.


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